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Trailer in Control Insurance, Truck Insurance, Non-Owned Trailer In Control, Prime Mover Insurance, Rigid Truck InsuranceNon-Owned Trailer in Control (NOTIC) Insurance is vital to anyone engaged in any business where it is necessary to use a heavy-duty trailer truck on a daily basis. Why? You or anyone driving this type of commercial vehicle can be exposed to all types of risks while on the road. If caught in the middle of a bad incident a major collision with another truck, you may be held liable. If this happens you can face substantial financial burdens if not covered by an insurance policy. So, let’s say you are covered with this type of insurance policy, what happens when you or your driver have a mishap while on a road trip? Here is a quick guide to what you must do when filing an insurance claim as a non-owned trailer in control policyholder.

  • Assess the situation

This should be the priority of anyone involved in a road accident regardless of whose fault it is, assess the situation like checking if someone’s safety is at risk due to severe cuts, bruising, or head injury. If no one is badly hurt, go over the goods you are transporting and check the extent of damage both to you and the other driver. If you have a companion in this challenging situation, appoint that person to safeguard your goods while you call for immediate help and medical assistance. Remember, the presence of mind and calmness is required at this point in time to ensure everything is in control during this bad situation.

  • Get all the information needed for your insurance claim

Even amidst the chaos, don’t forget to get all the information needed for your non-owned trailer in control (NOTIC) insurance and notify your insurance provider at the soonest possible time. If you can capture via photographs and notes, the extent of damage or physical harm is done to you and with the other driver, do it right away while waiting for the rescue team to arrive.

  • Gather witnesses

A road accident can be very stressful and at times is a traumatic experience for the driver or anyone involved. I know it’s quite hard to think straight when facing a pressing situation like a major collision where there are injured parties or damage to property, but don’t forget to gather witnesses while you still can, such as other drivers who saw the accident. If you can get their names that would be very helpful in the near future when filing an insurance claim, but if you can’t don’t worry. If there are police officers who came to the scene, they will get witness statements as part of their investigation.

  • Inform your insurer

When everything is sorted by the medical or rescue team, take this time to call your insurance company and inform them about your involvement in road collisions. Find out what you need to provide to fast-track the processing of your non-owned trailer in control (NOTIC) insurance claim.

Filing the non-owned trailer in control (NOTIC) insurance claim should be done properly to ensure no delays as you wait for the release of the much-needed financial assistance from your insurance provider. If you hired a licensed broker, filing a claim is also part of his or her services so make sure you have informed this expert at the soonest possible time.

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