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Oversized Cargo InsuranceDid you know that owning a cargo vehicle leaves you vulnerable to its potential loss? If you want to limit the likelihood of having to file an oversized cargo insurance claim soon, here are some tips to protect your oversized cargo vehicle from thieves.

Tip #1 – Apply strict measures to secure the cargo

This is the surest way to prevent sudden loss of your cargo; apply strict measures such as:

  • Park the cargo in a well-lit area.

  • Don’t leave the keys to the cargo inside the vehicle, even it is only a quick trip to the restroom.

  • Keep the doors locked, especially when parking for a long time.

  • Don’t assume that every area is safe from criminals and thieves.

Tip #2 – Install alarm devices

Another effective strategy to ensure you are given a warning against thieves trying to steal your cargo is by installing alarming devices or anti-theft devices like wheel locks. You can also ask suggestions from your auto mechanic for proven tested devices that are designed to track stolen cargo.

Tip #3 – Hire a professional driver

Sometimes hiring a professional driver will limit the occurrences of your cargo being stolen. Often a driver with more experiences while driving on the road knows exactly the sort of tricks that thieves could carry out. So if you really want to ensure the safety of your oversized cargo and prevent the incidence of having to file the oversized cargo insurance claim, consider hiring a professional with a solid track record driving large types of commercial vehicles.

Tip #4 – Buy the right insurance policy

Lastly, the most effective approach to protect your cargo against unforeseen events like potential theft is buying the right insurance policy. Since you own and operate an oversized cargo vehicle, perhaps it’s just right to ask the insurer if they can customise a special type of protection coverage you could include in a proposed oversized cargo insurance policy. Be sure to get a free quote before making a final decision. Remember, your chosen protection coverage will be your weapon against the consequences caused by these criminals and if you include the most appropriate protection against stolen cargo then you have nothing to worry about if this incident strikes without any warning.

Additional tips to safeguard your cargo:

There are also other measures to safeguard your cargo and prevent the possibility of it being hijacked or stolen:

  • Put visible markings on your cargo, so that you can easily distinguish it when stolen or swapped with another cargo.

  • Capture images of your cargo including official receipt of purchase and secure them for safekeeping. Your insurance company will ask for proof of ownership when buying an oversized cargo insurance policy.

  • Hire a person to watch over the place where you store your cargo.

  • Install CCTV cameras at the storage area where you park and store your cargo when not in use.

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