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A Pantech Body is made of aluminum or fiberglass reinforced panels and can be found on rigid trucks or trailers.  This type of truck is often used for transporting refrigerated freight or as removal vans.

Pantech body trucks are just one of the thousands of rigid type trucks travelling Australian roads for trade, mining or construction related work.  When used as refrigerated trucks, there is always that risk for damaged or spoiled cargo and for downtime due to faulty equipment or repairs.  When used for delivering freight or as removal vans, comprehensive insurance cover for legal liability, damaged goods, third party and general liability and other risks must be in place.

There are also furniture trailers for transporting and storing goods from one place to another and used by people who are relocating their businesses or personal belongings.  This type of trailer also has a pantech body.

Most truck owners have come to realise the wisdom in having the right insurance.  While you may have been lucky so far, an accident can just be waiting around the corner.  While nobody wants to think it can happen, they do happen and a single accident claim can put a business under.

Every smart business owner knows that there are certain risks one cannot avoid but can definitely manage.  With comprehensive cover, you can protect the business from these risks and be assured that even when the unimaginable does happen, you will be able to weather the storm.

We specialise in truck insurance and know your industry inside and out. Talk to us about how you can manage your risks more effectively with the best insurance solutions in the market.

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