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Insurance products for commercial vehicles differ significantly from regular auto insurance policies. If you are planning to buy a perishable cargo insurance policy for your cargo vehicle, here are a few essential things to consider.

Be Sure You Are Buying the Right Perishable Cargo Protection Coverage

When buying your first insurance policy for your commercial vehicle, it is crucial to ensure you purchase the right protection coverage. As the owner and operator of a truck, your needs are more complex than those of an individual driving a personal car. Make sure your perishable cargo insurance covers all potential risks specific to your business to avoid wasting money on unnecessary coverage.

Cost of Comprehensive Protection Coverage May Be Higher

Another important aspect to be aware of when buying perishable cargo insurance is that the cost of comprehensive protection coverage can be significantly higher. Accidents on the road, such as collisions with other trucks or cargo vehicles, can occur at any time. Without adequate protection, you may face substantial financial burdens. Therefore, investing in a comprehensive perishable cargo insurance policy is essential to mitigate these risks.

Weigh the Risks Involved Before Making a Decision

For peace of mind, it’s important to assess the risks associated with transporting perishable cargo, including potential damage to loads, theft or vandalism, third-party liability, and physical harm or property damage. If you determine that the potential harm to your business is substantial without a perishable cargo insurance policy, it’s time to consult with an insurance provider to protect your cargo against all risks.

Common Types of Protection Coverage for Your Perishable Cargo Insurance

  • General Freight Coverage: This protection covers any potential loss, damage, or theft of cargo, protecting the owner or company owning the commercial vehicle.
  • Primary Liability: This coverage extends to the cost of damages resulting from physical injuries acquired during an accident involving the cargo vehicle. It may also cover personal damages if you are driving the cargo and deemed at fault.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: This type of coverage focuses on your personal losses as the owner and driver of the cargo, regardless of whether your vehicle is at fault. Repairs and replacements of broken parts of the cargo are fully covered.
  • Other Types of Protection: These may include non-trucking liability, haulers’ trade cargo, and separate cargo insurance for independent traders and operators without any contractual agreement.

Investing in perishable cargo insurance is essential for protecting your business from various risks associated with transporting perishable goods. Truck Insurance HQ are market leading brokers in the truck and transport sector and can help you find the best perishable cargo insurance to suit your needs. Call our team today on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote.

By understanding the importance and benefits of this insurance, you can make informed decisions that will safeguard your business from potential losses and ensure the safe transit of your goods.