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Perishable Cargo Insurance

Are you scheduled to go to your broker’s office for a one-on-one meeting? If you want to ensure you don’t miss anything important during this private consultation, I suggest you consider these concerns to guide discussions about your Perishable Cargo Insurance requirements.

  1. What are the services can you offer me?

Among the concerns you need to address when meeting with a potential insurance broker, is to ask about the services inclusive in his or her professional fees. Why? So, that you will have a clear idea of what to expect from this expert when it comes to soliciting advice, calling after business hours and asking for their assistance when filing a Perishable Cargo Insurance claim.

  1. Can you help me choose the right insurance policy?

Another concern you want the prospective broker to answer honestly is about the choices you will make along the process of buying a Perishable Cargo Insurance policy. Ask the broker if he or she is knowledgeable in this particular type of insurance product. Why? Your broker’s answer will give you a clue as to whether they are the right person to contact or whether you need to look for another insurance broker that specialises in types of commercial vehicle insurance policies.

  1. Can you get me many quotes?

Of course, before you can even make a final decision on a Perishable Cargo Insurance policy you need to compare quotes. You can only get access to these free quotes if your chosen broker can also do this task for you. So if you want to make sure you are on the same page as your potential broker, ask if he or she will be able to get you many quotes from different insurance companies selling a perishable cargo insurance policy.

  1. How much will you charge?

The professional fees of brokers do vary and may depend on many aspects such as:

  • Area where they offer their services.

  • Level of expertise is also a factor that will affect the professional fees of a licensed broker.

  • Number of years in the industry as an insurance broker.

  • Wide network of connections among top rated insurance companies.

If you want to make sure you pay the agreed professional fee, have it in writing so that you have a reference if the broker charges you more than what is stated on the contract of agreement.

  1. Will you help me file my insurance claim?

Part of the services of a credible broker is to provide assistance when the client needs to file an insurance claim. If your hired broker gives you full assurance that they will be the one responsible for the preparation of paperwork required and the filing of your Perishable Cargo Insurance claim, then you can have peace of mind that an expert will be there to guide and help you when that unforeseen event strikes.

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