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Truck Insurance HQ considers our customers’ right to privacy to be extremely essential. Our high standards secure information submitted by our customers, which are enforced by policies and processes that conform with Commonwealth Government Privacy Legislation.

Privacy Policy

This is Truck Insurance HQ policy statement on personal information and sensitive data management. “Personal information” refers to information or an opinion on a named individual or a reasonably identifiable individual: (a) the veracity of the information or viewpoint;

  • Personal information privacy considerations: Truck Insurance HQ manages your personal information in an open and transparent manner, taking reasonable steps to ensure that our practices, procedures, and systems relating to our activities and handling inquiries or complaints are compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles.
  • Pseudonymity and anonymity: Personal information will only be collected by Truck Insurance HQ if it is reasonably necessary or directly connected to our commercial relationship with you.
  • Solicited personal information collection: Truck Insurance HQ only collects and utilizes your personal information to provide and administer our products and services. The questions include further information about the sorts of personal information we gather.

Other than sensitive information, Truck Insurance HQ will only share your personal information if it is reasonably necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained. This may include disclosing your personal information to third parties with whom we have made privacy agreements, where the information is used in connection with investigations relating to your insurance policies with us, including but not limited to situations involving any insurance claims, claims disputes, credit reference providers, investigative or due diligence processes we are required to conduct, or where the law requires us to disclose.

Private Information

Truck Insurance HQ will only gather sensitive information with your permission and only when it is reasonably necessary and directly relevant to providing our products and services to you.

  • Unsolicited personal information: What to Do?

Truck Insurance HQ will take reasonable measures to ensure that any personal information we have about you is correct, full, and current. If any of your personal information changes, you may contact us to amend it. We shall take precautions to prevent the misuse, loss, or unauthorized access, alteration, or disclosure of personal information about you. Information security procedures are in place to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your personal information and, when legally permissible, to erase or de-identify data.

  • Notification of personal information acquisition

We may contact you to validate the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of your personal information. When we contact you, we shall introduce ourselves and the reason for our contact.

Information that is collected

First of all, we cannot collect your information without your permission, you must fill in the quote or form in order to give us access to your information and come back to help you. We just collect these:

  • Your Name 
  • Phone number and email 
  • Postcode or State

We just contact you once and if you show your disinterest, we will not call you again!

Breach of Privacy and Complaints

In the event that Truck Insurance HQ learns of a privacy breach involving personal information it has received, it will:

  • To settle the issue in accordance with its existing policy, process, and guidelines, and
  • Notify individuals and the wider public, when appropriate, of the privacy concern.

If you have a complaint about your personal information or feel there has been a violation of privacy, please call us at 1300 815 344, write to us at 5 Stockman St, Kingsholme QLD 4208, Australia or send us an email at info@inshq.com.au. We will help you to fix it!

We have an internal dispute resolution mechanism in place at Truck Insurance HQ to deal with such concerns. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (“OAIC”) recommends waiting 30 days for Truck Insurance HQ to reply to your privacy concern before contacting the OAIC.

If you are dissatisfied with our decision, you have four options for filing a complaint with the OAIC:

  • Through mail (you may want to consider submitting your complaint by registered mail if you are concerned about postal security); (02) 9284 9666 by fax
  • Email: enquiries@oaic.gov.au (Note that unencrypted email can be copied and traced.)
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, Sydney, NSW 2001, GPO Box 5218