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Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a trucking business owner, your operations are exposed to various risks and potential damages. To safeguard the viability and success of your business, it is essential to minimize these risks by choosing a suitable insurance policy. Truck Insurance HQ, an insurance company in Australia, offers a range of insurance policies specifically designed for trucking businesses, including Professional Indemnity, workers’ compensation insurance, and liability insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Trucking Businesses

Professional Indemnity insurance provides coverage for mistakes, breaches, and claims of damages that may arise in the course of your work as a trucking business owner. With the right level of coverage, this insurance can protect you against various claims. Here are some examples of claims covered by Professional Indemnity insurance:Mortgage Broker

  • Violation of duties
  • Damages and claims against you
  • Legal and defense costs
  • Claims investigation costs
  • Public relation costs
  • Court attendance costs

Exclusions from Professional Indemnity Insurance

While Professional Indemnity insurance covers a wide range of claims, it’s important to be aware of the limitations. Here are some items that are typically not covered by this insurance policy:

  1. Intentional damage
  2. Known claims and circumstances
  3. Fraud and dishonesty
  4. Accidental injury
  5. Property damage

Tailored Insurance Solutions for Your Trucking Business

At Truck Insurance HQ, we understand the unique needs of trucking businesses and offer insurance policies specifically tailored to your requirements. Our specialist advisors will gather information about your business and provide you with the correct insurance solution. We aim to provide personalized insurance policies that meet your specific needs.

Coverage for Vehicles and Future Investments

We recognise that the loss or damage to vehicles can have a significant impact on any trucking business. As your trucks are valuable assets, their loss can disrupt your operations and affect your future income. Our team of advisors will work with you to identify the risk areas and guide you in minimizing risks and potential claims. Our policies provide coverage for vehicles, drivers, and other costs associated with your business, offering peace of mind for our clients.

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