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Quarry Plant Insurance

Starting your own quarry business can be quite challenging, especially if you have to safeguard the valuable assets invested in this kind of business venture. Apart from your manpower, capital raised to fund this business, the quarry machinery and equipment to perform well, are just among the things you need to insure with a quarry plant insurance policy. Remember, as you carry out your daily quarrying obligations there are risks involved and knowing your business is insured gives you the confidence to be more productive. So what happens when without warning, that unforeseen event strikes? How do you file a business insurance claim? Let me share some information about how to do this the right way.

When to file a business quarry plant insurance claim

Regardless if it’s a physical injury, property damage or loss due to theft, it would be best to file the business insurance quarry plant claim right away. Keep in mind; any delay in filing means more days waiting before for your claim can be released. Here is a quick guide to the step-by-step procedures when about to file an insurance claim:

Step #1 – Evaluate the present situation and call for help

When an unforeseen event strikes, remain calm and immediately evaluate the extent of damage or physical harm done to your workers or a third party. If you feel there’s still a level of potential danger call for help, like police assistance. Be sure you keep a record of the incident as well as photos as proof when you need to file the quarry plant insurance claim.

Step #2 – Notify your licensed insurance broker

In the event a licensed insurance broker is assigned to represent you in all your transactions with an insurer, notify this person. Don’t forget to provide complete details of the incident so that he or she can prepare the paperwork necessary to support the insurance claim.

Step #3 – Call an adjuster

In any insurance claim, whether it’s personal or quarry plant insurance claim, it’s crucial that you also call an adjuster. Why? This individual plays a vital role in the whole process of filing an insurance claim because they are responsible for assessing the extent of damages and will give solid advice. For example, if the claim involves the severe injury of a worker in an accident at the quarry plant, further investigation may be required to validate the authenticity of the claim before the insurer will release the settlement funds.

How to prevent future losses to your quarry business?

There are some risk management tips that you can implement at your quarry site to prevent future losses to your business and include the following:

  • Familiarise your workers about your safety measures

This should be your priority upon hiring workers for your quarry plant. Familiarise workers thoroughly about the safety measures that you strictly observe at the site when handling tools and machinery as well as chemicals that can cause accidents.

  • Install top-performing security cameras

For your protection as a business owner of a quarry plant, it is wise to install top-performing security cameras at the quarry plant site. This ensures you have everything covered and recorded if an unavoidable event occurs, like a sudden the accident of a worker while operating quarry plant machinery. If you have captured an incident, you can use it as proof when filing your quarry plant insurance claim.

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