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Catering Truck Insurance AustraliaAre you going to meet a catering truck insurance provider? If yes and you wish this meeting to be a success, I suggest you make a list of questions that you can ask the insurance manager or any staff member attending to customers.

Question #1 – What type of insurance policy should I buy?

One of the questions that you should include in your list when meeting an insurance provider, don’t forget to ask for the type of insurance policy that is ideal for your needs. For example, if you are into catering and use the truck mostly for your food deliveries, enquire if you will need to add liability protection coverage as part of your insurance policy.

Question #2 – Are there limits to my chosen insurance policy?

Every insurance product has its own limitations. Never assume that your chosen catering truck insurance policy has the same limits as your friend’s insurance policy. If in doubt, ask the person attending to your private consultation about the catering truck insurance policy limitations so that you know what type of protection to include in the event of unforeseen accident.

Question #3 – How will you compute my insurance premium?

Another vital question that you should ask the catering truck insurance provider during the one-on-one meeting is the computation of your policy. There are some facts that you need to correctly share with your prospective insurance company such as:

  • Your age

  • Model and size of the truck

  • Market price of the truck

  • Your driving record

  • Credit score rating

  • Risk factors that you face while using the truck

Question #4 – What are my deductibles?

Among the questions you should also discuss during your consultation with the insurance company representative, is about deductibles. If you aren’t aware of deductibles, it would be more advantageous to hire a broker to represent you during this one-on-one meeting because they are knowledgeable in this area. Keep in mind, your decision regarding the amount of your deductibles could affect your monthly insurance premium payments.

Question #5 – Can I amend my catering truck insurance policy anytime?

Sometimes due to financial limitations, you are compelled to buy the basic protection coverage for your catering truck insurance policy. If in the near future your earnings grow rapidly and you become more financially stable and can buy comprehensive catering truck insurance, ask the insurer if they will allow you make the necessary amendments to your existing insurance policy or pre-terminate it and buy a new policy.

Getting the best protection coverage for your catering truck insurance policy will only happen if you ask the right questions with your insurance provider. If you are hesitant or not prepared for a private consultation with an insurer, seeking a licensed broker to do this for you will ease the tension and at the same time ensure you find only the perfect protection coverage for your potential catering truck insurance policy.

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