Refrigerated Truck Insurance

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Refrigerated Truck Insurance


Affordable Chiller Trailer InsuranceMotor vehicles in excess of 3.5 tonnes that are used commercially, are considered trucks. Truck insurance is required in many industries including refrigerated trucks for consumable goods, courier services, construction industry, furniture, and livestock and forestry transport. Trucks used for public services like waste disposal and towing services are also included. For each category, there are rules regarding insurance and different maximum limits for cover.


Commercial truck insurance provides protection for commercial trucks against potential damages incurred in accidents. Your truck insurance company will pay for the cost of damages encountered by your truck as well as losses incurred for compensating the cost of the cargo. It can also provide for physical injuries, truck repair costs and lost revenues from rejected deliveries.


A refrigerated truck would need commercial vehicle insurance with coverage for reefer malfunction or breakdown for damages from freezing or spoilage when a reefer unit breaks down.


Trucks, tractors and trailers are categorized and insured as commercial equipment and are not automatically provided with coverage from a personal auto policy. You need a truck insurance specialist who understands your business needs.


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