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 Road Profiler InsuranceA road profiler strips the surface from roads to a more accurate level before new surfaces can be laid. Road works are typical applications for which this heavy piece of equipment is used, but in recent years they have also become useful for mining. For instance, they can be used to mine for ore and salt based on the same principle applied on roads – using the cutting edges of a cylindrical rotating drum.

Materials are excavated using a road profiler and a conveyor belt forwards the materials onto a truck for transfer to a stockpile.

Like all environments where heavy equipment is used, the job comes with certain risks. Most operators are aware that despite security and safety measures taken, accidents do happen. Driver injuries or penalties for violations of certain government regulations can mean huge expenditures for the business. With the right heavy equipment insurance, you can be assured of protection from these risks and avoid the financial burdens that could immobilise your business.

Insurances in Australia have risen in price in the last few years. Because it is an important expense to any operator, some business owners mistakenly assume that the best way of cutting costs is to go for the cheapest insurance available. It is important to remember that the terms of your insurance dictate what benefits you qualify to get in case bad things happen.

You can save on insurance costs by finding innovative insurance products that target your business needs but don’t require you to overspend on premiums. At Truck Insurance HQ we take time to explain how our products can help manage your risks while offering you more affordable insurance with wide range of cover. This is possible because we work with only the best insurers in Australia.

Go online to request a quote for Road Profiler insurance today to find out how you can save with more affordable insurance premiums today. You can also speak to our insurance advisers on 1300 815 344 for expert advice for your Road Profiler Insurance needs or any other insurance you may require.

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