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Road Train Insurance

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Road Train Insurance


B-Triple Trailer Insurance, B-triple Insurance, Road Train Insurance, Road Train TypesA road train is a common term used in Australia for prime movers that pull trailers or semi-trailers. Australia is home to the longest and heaviest road trains in the world which transport freight across extreme terrain.


Road trains cover many prime mover types that pull different trailers. Also called B-doubles, they are road-legal in Australia and include:


Type 1 — The B Train or B-Double is often mistaken with a road train. It is a prime mover pulling 2 semi-trailers linked to a fifth wheel that is up to 26 meters in length. Stability is provided by the fifth wheel coupling at the first semi-trailer’s end much more than a road train can. The turn-table of the lead semi-trailer can connect to another semi-trailer without a converter dolly which a road trains need.


Type 2 — The B Triple Road train is similar to the B-Double but it has 2 lead trailers in front. A double road train is composed of a prime mover, a 5-axle dog trailer and a semi-trailer. An AB tripe road train has a prime mover, a semi-trailer, a converter dolly and a B-double while a BAB Quad Road train has 2 B-double units linked together by a converter dolly.


Type 3 — A triple road train has a prime mover and 3 semi-trailers and 2 converter dollies.



Whatever type your road train is, make sure to have it covered by the most reliable Road Train Insurance company providing commercial truck and trailer insurance in Australia.

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