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Scraper Insurance

A scraper is typically used in the construction of roads, mining, and subdivision development. Scrapers fall under 2 general types; open bowl and elevating. Previous models needed towing but more modern scrapers are self-propelled and equipped with a front and back engine.

Elevating scrapers gather earth using an elevator that functions like a chain to raise the earth for redistribution. A bowl scraper gathers earth using a cutting edge that is lowered into the ground while scraping until such time that the bowl is full and contents can then be redistributed. Some scrapers are used in tandem and may require bulldozers to mobilize them.

Scrapers are used in construction sites and mining, both are hazardous environments. This poses certain risks to the operator such as driver injuries, property damage, and accidental damage. The right insurance cover will help the business to manage these risks to ensure continued and smooth operations. Without proper Scraper Insurance a single accident claim can cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars which would have a negative impact on profitability.

With many years of experience in providing insurance for trucks and heavy equipment, we are specialists you can rely on for your insurance needs. We provide tailored insurance solutions that match your insurance needs and your budget.

with the team at Truck Insurance HQ learn how you can get affordable heavy equipment insurance for your Scraper Insurance by going online to request a quote or you can also call 1300 815 344 for expert advice on your business insurance needs.