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Commercial Motor Insurance

Truck Insurance

Protect your trucks with comprehensive insurance for peace of mind when things don’t go as planned.

Trailer/Trailer in Control Insurance

Protect both owned and non-owned trailers from accidents for peace of mind for every journey.

Bus Insurance

Cover for mini buses through to coaches with a large range of general and specialist bus insurers.

Fleet Insurance

Drive confidently with fleet insurance, safeguarding your vehicles from damage, theft, & liability.

Van/Ute Insurance

Drive worry-free with tailored van and ute insurance, covering damage, theft, and liability.

Mobile Plant & Machinery Insurance

Earthmoving Machinery Insurance

Earthmoving Machinery insurance protects against damage, theft, and liability, ensuring smooth and secure operations.

Road Construction Equipment Insurance

Protect your road construction equipment from damage, theft, and liability with comprehensive insurance for worry-free operations.

Crane Insurance

Comprehensive mobile & tower crane insurance, covering your equipment, lifted items, and liabilities for peace of mind.

Forklift Insurance

Forklift insurance protects your equipment against damage, theft, and liability, ensuring smooth warehouse operations.

Tractor Insurance

Tractor insurance protects your machinery against damage, theft, and liability, ensuring efficient farming operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial Motor Insurance

Covers up to 10 vehicles – ideal for self-employed clients and small to medium-sized businesses, such as electricians, real estate agents, landscape suppliers, traders and local delivery carriers.

Truck and Machinery insurance is very similar to car insurance in that there are two components involved: Comprehensive insurance and Third Party Insurance.
Comprehensive Insurance is insurance that covers damage done to your own insured truck or machinery and covers repairs caused by things that are unexpected such as faire, theft, collision or weather related events.
Third Party Insurance – This type of insurance covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property. If your truck or machinery is damaged at the same time or in the same event and the accident is your fault then it will not be covered for repairs.

Marine cargo insurance is also referred to as Carriers Insurance and covers the value of goods that are being transported.

  • Operational Radius

The radius in which the truck will operate or the straight line distance from the base of operations to the furthest destination.

  • Freight

What you carry in your truck impacts your premium. If for example you move general freight such as boxes and cartons this will be vastly different to refrigerated goods, livestock or dangerous goods.

  • Who Will Be Driving The Truck

When it comes to the person driving the truck we must know if the person is under 25 years of age and also, if they have been licensed to drive a truck for less than 2 years. You will also need to provide information on traffic infringements, loss of license or any criminal convictions.

If you have a fleet of trucks and you are using inexperienced prime mover drivers for example who are transporting dangerous goods, livestock or refrigerated items then the configuration of the trailer and the radius they are travelling is factored in to the quote.

  • Years of Experience

Similar to a No Claim Bonus when insuring your car, every year spent without accident a 10% no claim bonus up to a maximum of 50%.