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What is Bus Insurance?

Bus insurance is a specialised type of commercial vehicle insurance designed to provide coverage for buses used in various capacities, such as public transportation, school transport, tour buses, shuttle and charters services. This insurance helps protect bus operators from financial losses resulting from accidents, damages, or other incidents involving their buses. Shield yourself with these essential insurance choices:

Commercial Bus Insurance

Comprehensive Bus Insurance

Cover your bus against accidental damage, theft, fire, vandalism, natural disasters, and third-party property damage.

Cover repairs or replacement of your bus and damage to third-parties.

Third Party Insurance

• Cover damage or injury your bus causes to other people and their property.

• Provide legal liability protection and meeting road use legal requirements.

Offer basic coverage without protection for your vehicle.

Other Options

Public Liability Insurance

  • Cover Third Party’s personal injury and property damage resulting from Your business activities.
  • Cover legal defense costs, compensation payouts, medical expenses for injured parties, and repair or replacement costs for damaged property.

Carriers Insurance

  • Cover the cargoes you carry in transit from loss or damage.
  • Protect your finance against cargo loss or damage, legal liability and ensure business continuity.

Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance

  • Cover medical expenses, lost income and benefits for disability or death resulting from accident or illnesses.
  • Provide financial support for medical costs, lost income and disability benefits.

Downtime Insurance

  • Cover lost income and operational expenses during periods when vehicles are of service due to accidents, breakdowns or other covered events.
  • Ensure financial stability by compensating for lost income during vehicle repairs or downtime.

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Commercial Bus and Coach Services in Australia

In Australia, commercial motor vehicles like buses and coaches are utilised for:

Why Bus Insurance is Important:

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Financial Security

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Peace of Mind

Long-Term Success

Legal Compliance

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