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short haul truck insurance

More than 46,000 businesses in the Australian trucking industry operate across the various states and territories in the country.  Most of Australia’s freight is moved within states but the market for interstate freight is steadily rising.  Forecast for freight growth on the short haul sector is very positive such as Sydney- Melbourne and Sydney-Brisbane.

Short distance road freight services, or short haul, make up about 55.8% of the services provided by the trucking industry.   The continued rise in costs remain to be a primary concern for most operators, whether it involves operating only one truck or a fleet of trucks, as it affects their bottom line.  To remain competitive and profitable, any business must have the ability to manage their costs effectively.  In line with this, we make sure to provide our clients with sound advice on how to manage their risks.  Cost of accident claims has also risen in the last few years, forcing insurance premiums to also rise. Regardless of this fact, it is essential that all trucking operators have the necessary insurance because without adequate cover, a business can easily go under for accident claims, legal expenses, penalties, and other liabilities.

Every transport operator should have the right cover in place.  Don’t take chances. As your business grows, your insurance needs grow, too.  Make sure to review your insurance policy to ensure you are covered for all types of risks you are exposed to.

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