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Skid Steer Loader Insurance

A skid steer loader also referred to as skid loader, has the common name; bobcat. It has a rigid frame and a machine powered by an engine. Its hydraulic lift arms can attach an assortment of tools such as a specialized bucket, angle broom, sweeper, pallet fork, mower, tree spade, dumping hopper, or stump grinder.

Skid loaders are usually 4-wheel drive vehicles. The left and right side wheels are independent of each other. By turning left and right wheels at different speeds the loader can be turned by dragging or skidding across the surface.

Skid steer loaders may be used in environments that are high risk. Operators are concerned about health and accident claims, safety codes, equipment repairs, and loss of income. These concerns are very real but can be effectively addressed by the right insurance provider.

Not all insurers understand the specific risks you face in your industry. Some insurers provide generalized cover that don’t address your specific business needs and may not be relevant when it is time for you to make a claim.

By speaking to the right insurer you can get more value for your money with a comprehensive but affordable insurance cover. With many years of experience in providing insurance for trucks and heavy equipment/machinery, we are knowledgeable about your risks and can offer tailored insurance solutions that match those risks.

At Truck Insurance HQ we are market leaders in heavy machinery insurances and have many years of experience. Our team of brokers is waiting to help you with all your Skid Steer Loader Insurance. Go online to request a quote or call 1300 815 344 to obtain the most innovative but affordable insurance quotes in Australia, our brokers are also here to provide you with valuable advice for your Skid Steer Loader Insurance or any other insurance needs you, at have.

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