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What is a spider lift?

What is a spider lift?
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A Spider lift also known as a spider boom lift is a mobile elevating work platform with four stabilizer legs for stability and leveling that is self-propelled. Designed to get the operator into tight spaces, corners and hard to reach spots, spider lifts can be maneuvered in a range of different ways.  

Aerial lift manufacturers in Australia supply a variety of lifts, ranging from spider boom lifts to spider scissor lifts. A spider lift differs from the others in that it’s a problem solver where accessibility is an issue. Here are some additional benefits of a spider lift.


Spider Lift Information

Before operating a spider lift, like with other boom lifts, it’s critical to exercise necessary care and safety procedures. This means you should inspect the machine before using it to ensure that the equipment is in excellent operating condition. A manufacturer’s instruction manual will normally provide a list of things to look for before using the spider lift.

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