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5ba9ebb8a4f89b113c45f93759db97f71Do you have a fear of falling asleep during a long distance trip while driving the Type 2 Road train? If yes, you might find these tips useful as you carry on with your task of delivering goods to the farthest suburbs of Australia.

Tip #1 – Have plenty of rest before the long distance trip

If it will be days before you will hit the road for a long distance trip, I recommend you have plenty of rest and sleep. As much as possible take an early night before the actual road trip, so that you have plenty of reserves to keep you mentally alert and physically strong.

Tip #2 – Eat a full meal

Never drive the Type 2 Road train with an empty stomach. If you are scheduled to do this long distance trip during the early morning hours, eat a full breakfast meal. Choose foods that will keep you feeling energized. Don’t forget to pack additional food and water to ensure you have plenty, especially if you will be driving in areas where food stops are in short supply.

Tip #3 – Play some music

Sometimes, a quiet atmosphere will be inviting and make you feel drowsy during a long distance road trip. If your type 2 Road train has a built-in music player, why not play some music that will keep you awake. Besides, if you are driving alone, the sound of lively music is good company to motivate you to be on the go and mentally alert. Don’t turn the speaker up too loud, so that you can still hear your surroundings like an approaching vehicle or horn coming from a vehicle trying to overtake on the highway. Keep the range of the music sound at a minimum level that you can hear, not too loud and not too soft.

Tip #4 – Take a stop whenever you are feeling tired

If you find your feeling really tired find the nearest stop where truckers and other heavy duty vehicle drivers are allowed to park and rest. Once you managed to get a full stop and ideal parking space, use this time to rest, eat and should time allow sleep or power nap. Be sure the place where you will park the Type 2 Road train is well-lit to avoid thieves or vandals.

Tip #5 – Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Yes, this is a big “NO” when driving a Type 2 Road train, never drive this heavy duty vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs even if they are prescription medicines. Why? Intake of liquor or prescription drugs will make you drowsy and might leave you out of control while at the steering wheel.

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