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A Stock Truck transports livestock from one place to another.  It has a trailer with louvers instead of solid panels to provide ventilation.  They can be single levels for animals that are large in size like horses and cattle or have multiple levels for smaller animals.


According to research (BITRE 2011), total domestic road freight has increased six times more in the last 4 decades.  Average productivity of road freight has more than doubled for light commercial vehicles while more pronounced productivity is evident in the use of heavy rigid vehicles, with articulated trucks contributing more than 90% of the increase in road freight productivity.  A major factor that contributed to this increase is the introduction of B-double articulated trucks.


Forecasts for the transport industry continue to remain positive and stock trucks ensure that market demand is met.  As an owner of a stock truck, you know how important it is to manage livestock transport in a manner in which risks to animal welfare is minimised.  But despite how much care you take to ensure this, there are still risks on the road that are beyond your control.


When you have the right insurance cover for your stock truck, you have peace of mind that you have cover 24/7 for all types of risks to your valuable cargo and other possible legal liabilities.


Transporting livestock is risky so be covered with the right insurance policy that includes loading and unloading.  This can also include accidental loss or damage of livestock while in transit and damage to your vehicle or other properties.


Truck Insurance HQ are market leaders in the truck and transport industry and have the choice of over 170 insurers to place insurance cover with. We are able to find the best insurance to suit your situation and our brokers are waiting to help you with all your insurance needs, so call on 1300 815 344 or go online to request a quote.


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