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Table Top Body

A Table Top Body Truck also goes by the name of flat top.  Most rigid trucks in Australia are flat tops.  This type of truck has a steering axle in front and one to two driving axles at the back of the vehicle.

table top body

In Australia, road freight plays an important role in the economy.  There are many road transport companies as well as owner-drivers with just one truck.  If you use a table top body truck for your business, whether it is a fleet or just one vehicle, you need to make sure to have the right insurance cover.  Approximately 18.3% of road freight is carried by rigid trucks, including table top body trucks.

While road transport in Australia is relatively high standard, accidents involving trucks carrying road freight do happen.  If you are a truck owner and your vehicle is found liable for general liability, property damage or if your cargo is lost or damaged, it could result in heavy financial losses for your business.

The Australian trucking industry is becoming more complex today and requires more than just moving cargo from one point to another.  With bright prospects ahead for the industry, you need to be 100% assured that you are ready for the challenges ahead.  This means not only operational efficiency but smart insurance planning, too.

Don’t take chances with your future.  Insure with the right insurance provider in Australia for comprehensive and affordable truck insurance.

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