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Arranging tipper truck insurance requires the expertise and underwriting experience of professional brokers who are familiar with the limited insurance market for these types of trucks. Therefore, finding an insurance broker with access to specialized and very competitive truck insurance plans is essential if you own this type of truck.

What is a tipper truck?

A tipper truck is used for transporting bulk cargo such as sand, grain, and gravel. It is attached to a rigid cab chassis and hinged at the back for unloading. Tipper bodies come in different axle configurations and can carry from 2 to 27.5 tonnes. They also have accessories like air-operated tailgate locks, roll-over tarps, liners, and electronic scales.

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What is tipper truck insurance?

This is a specific type of commercial vehicle insurance that is designed to protect tipper truck owners and operators from the financial losses that can result from accidents, theft, or damages. In Australia, it is a legal requirement to have compulsory third-party (CTP) insurance for all registered vehicles. However, CTP only covers the cost of personal injury to others and does not cover damages to your own vehicle or property.

Do I need insurance for my tipper truck?

Tipper bodies are just some of the more than 500,000 registered trucks carrying road freight on Australian roads, interstate, and intrastate. Even if you only have one tipper truck that you use for your business, you need to make sure you have adequate insurance protection for all types of risks on the road.

As a business owner in Australia operating a truck for cargo transportation, you need insurance for your tipper truck to comply with government laws and regulations. You can be liable for environmental violations or general liability during transport. An accident can mean huge expenses and negatively impact your cash flow. Hence, effective truck insurance offers 24/7 protection from all types of risks.

Tipper trucks tend to be more expensive than average trucks and a lack of proper insurance can lead to high costs for repair or replacement. Additionally, tippers have a higher risk of theft for their parts, making insurance even more crucial. Choose good value  insurance to protect your vehicle.

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Type of tipper truck coverage options in Australia

  1. Comprehensive Insurance: provides coverage for a wide range of risks, including accidental damage, theft, fire, and third-party damage. It provides coverage for both your vehicle and other vehicles or property that may be damaged in an accident.
  2. Third-Party Insurance: covers damages to other vehicles or property caused by your tipper truck. It does not cover any damage to your own vehicle.
  3. Fire and Theft Insurance: covers your vehicle in the event of fire or theft.
  4. Public Liability Insurance: covers the cost of damages or injuries caused to members of the public while using your vehicle.
  5. Tools and Equipment Insurance: provides coverage for the tools and equipment that you carry on your tipper truck.

Truck Insurance is not complicated. We know what you need and speak plain and simple language so you understand insurance better.

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