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Tip Trailer Insurance

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Tip Trailer Insurance, Tip Truck Insurance, Tip Trailer, Truck InsuranceTipping is all about depositing bulk loose materials like aggregates from a huge trailer that is attached to a prime mover or rigid vehicle.

Typically, a tipper truck is equipped with a hydraulic tip body. It is attached at the rear to allow the truck body’s front to be lifted so that the contents settle on the ground behind the truck at delivery sites. They come in various axle configurations and have carrying capacity from 2 to 25 tonnes.

This type of trailer tends to tip over during unloading. Experience is required for safe unloading. Examples of accessories are air operated tailgate locks, tipper bin liners, roll over tarps and electronic weighing scales.

As an industry that employs more than 246,000 Australians and carries at least 75% of domestic freight, the trucking industry faces many perils on and off the road. They provide long-distance freight intrastate, interstate, and short distance road freight services. Every operator’s loading and delivery process is unique and their requirements to get their cargo moving vary.

With this in mind, we don’t provide just one size fits all solutions. Rather, we work with you to identify your unique risks and offer tailored solutions that suit your operations and your budget. With our extensive experience and knowledge of your industry, we are in a unique position to advise you about your insurance protection.

Why be at risk when you can be covered 24/7 with tipping trailer and truck insurance solutions that are affordable? Speak to us today on 1300 815 344 or find amazingly affordable truck insurance quotes by clicking Request a Quote online.

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