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Heavy Machinery Insurance

Do you want to make sure the heavy machinery used in your construction business is fully protected against future damage, loss and other issues requiring replacement? If you don’t want to have a headache from bearing all the expenses when one of your excavators, lift trucks or front loaders is seriously damaged, I strongly recommend you contact a reputable insurer and ask for a free quote for a heavy machinery insurance policy. When you schedule a private meeting with a prospective insurer, feel free to cover these top concerns.

Heavy machinery insurance coverage

One of your biggest concerns when buying an insurance policy for your construction equipment is the scope of coverage you should receive, such as:

  • Protection extending to any future damage caused by continuous operation or while on the road.

Whether you have the freedom to amend or add other coverage to your existing policy.

  • Protection must cover incidents like fire, explosion, theft, fraud and vandalism.

  • Free quote

Another concern you should ask when meeting for the first time with an insurer if they can provide you a free quote of your heavy machinery insurance policy. Most insurance companies give potential clients free quotes of their chosen policies. In the event your prospective insurer gave you a free quote, take time to review the figures and assess if everything is covered.

How to safeguard your heavy machinery from potential vandals or burglars?

Your heavy machinery is a major investment and it’s just right that you do take appropriate measures to protect and safeguard it against vandals and burglars. Here are some of the practices that you can implement on your heavy machinery:

  • Ask your auto mechanic the preventive strategy to hide the fuel shut-off systems.

  • If your heavy machinery isn’t in use, don’t forget to remove circuit breakers and fuses.

  • Take a photo of your heavy equipment including the PIN, serial numbers and other distinguishing marks that could help you easily identify in the event of theft issues.

  • Secure your heavy machinery with top-performing locks, making it hard for thieves to get it.

Additional tips when buying heavy machinery insurance:

  • The type of protection coverage you should match the real value of your heavy machinery.

  • Your protection coverage must also extend assistance in the event of repairs, maintenance and other concerns, such as accidentally hitting hydro lines or shattering windows.

  • Ask your insurer what the requirements are if you decide to buy group insurance for several pieces of heavy machinery in order to save money.

  • If you want to be assured that you only buy the right protection coverage for your heavy machinery insurance, contact a licensed insurance broker.

Making the choice about the type of heavy machinery insurance coverage to buy is tough, but with the presence of a licensed insurance broker the process is made less complicated. Be sure you buy only the appropriate protection coverage for your precious heavy machinery and get your construction business moving forward.

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