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Income Insurance CoverageDo you plan to travel anytime soon for business or for personal reasons? As a transport business operator or self-employed truck driver in Australia, traveling from another country every now and then, may be part of your work or personal itinerary. To ensure round the clock protection, finding the right insurer that offers worldwide income insurance coverage may be on your priority list. To jumpstart your search, we have compiled the following trusted insurance companies in Australia to aid in your concern.

TAL. Winner of 2013 Best Insurance Company for Income Protection, TAL offers worldwide injury and illness coverage. It also offers a Premier policy that reimburses travel expenses when injured or ill abroad.

AIA Income Protection. AIA is an award-winning insurance company solely focused in the Asia Pacific region namely, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Macau, Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Cambodia. All it’s insurance policy provide round-the-clock coverage to insurers, 7 days a week, from point of origin to anywhere in the world.

AMP Income Protection Insurance. Another award-winning insurance company, AMP’s main hubs are in Australia and New Zealand with various operatives across Europe, Asia, and the US. It offers a vast array of insurance and financial products. Insurance protection for AMP offers 24/7 safety net on a global perspective. When injured or ill outside Australia or NZ, however, it may appoint a certified medical practitioner to double check your condition on their behalf or it may ask you to return to Australia or NZ after 3 months of enjoying claims benefits.

Zurich. Zurich Wealth Protection policies aim to provide round-the-clock, year-long, global reach. Aside from income protection, it also offers a vast array of insurance policies for both personal and business entities. When claiming income replacement benefits, an insured truck driver may have to undergo medical exam each year to continue receiving benefits.

Asteron. Another top-rated insurance company for Australians is Asteron. It has specific income protection coverage suited to one’s unique needs. It offers 24/7 coverage anywhere in the world provided that travel plans must be provided.

Comminsure. A subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Comminsure offers various insurance policies including income protection. Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week covering an insured party anywhere he or she is in the world

Do take note that most, if not all, Australian insurers tend to offer worldwide income insurance coverage. The difference among them rests on the exclusions and/or specifications stipulated in their policies. Exclusions like travels to “high-risk” destinations may be clearly written in your policy without you knowing. So before taking one into consideration, do remember to talk about these aspects via a reliable financial adviser.

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Worldwide income insurance coverage online.

Worldwide income insurance coverage Australia.

Worldwide income insurance coverage Australia online.

Cheap Worldwide income insurance coverage.

Cheap Worldwide income insurance coverage Australia.

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