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TPD Insurance For Truck DriversEver wonder what total and permanent disability or TPD insurance for truck drivers entail? Is it really a need or just some form of media hype? Truck drivers are always on the running for the riskiest jobs on the planet. Think about clocking in 12 to 18 hours of being on the road, exposed to various elements and hazards. Add to that the sedentary lifestyle these hardworking professionals share as they haul goods from one point to another. Though one of the hardest jobs, many truck drivers live from paycheck to paycheck– and one wrong turn is all it takes to send them to disability land.

Total And Permanent Disability Insurance Explained

Making both ends meet is almost like a slogan among truckies. It is no wonder why many of them rarely file for sick or vacation LOAs. They cannot afford to be out for even a day out of work as it will mean curtailing vital needs of the whole family. When figuring in an accident, some companies may offer hospitalization benefits but once you’re out cold with a total and permanent disability, you are virtually on your own. But this is not so with a truck drivers TPD insurance.

Total and permanent disability insurance for truck drivers is a type of insurance policy that guarantees financial protection should a truckie/policy holder can no longer work in the same normal capacity or become permanently disabled due to certain circumstances related to his job. It could be a disability due to injuries incurred or from a job-derived critical illness, from hearing loss to clinical blindness, poor eyesight, speech impairment, mental health issues, loss of a limb, and other serious conditions that virtually disallow truckies from driving again. TPD policies are known to cover a wide range of disabilities for truck drivers.

When it comes to coverage, the primary benefit of TPD insurance for truck drivers allows one needed financial protection. It can help pay off medical and rehabilitation costs, home improvement to suit your disability, college tuition fees, loans and mortgages, and other lifestyle-related costs. Some dependable insurer may even include payment for primary caregivers like a full-time nurse or physical therapist. In short, it guarantees that you and your family can go on with life as before.

All About Your Choice Of Insurer

Without a doubt, truck driver TPD insurance is a must-have. Being exposed to such risks and hazards, every truck driver has the potential to become incapacitated due to injuries sustained from an accident or as an offshoot of driving-related disease. It does cover a wide range of disabilities but definitions of “disabled” can vary from one insurer to another. Aside from thoroughly reading the fine print on your product disclosure statement or PDS, it is also imperative to ask questions and compare policies to see the difference. Keep in mind that not all TPD insurance for truck drivers are the same. If you want to learn more about TPD insurance for truck drivers. Call our office number NOW or enquire online.