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Trencher Insurance

Are you planning to buy a trencher? If yes, may need to get enough information about the various types of trenchers being sold in the marketplace before a purchase. Then you will have an idea which type of trencher will suit your construction project needs and what trencher insurance to buy afterwards for the protection of your investment.

What is a trencher?

A trencher is one of the heavy equipment units considered an indispensable tool in any construction project. The main use of this equipment is for digging trenches needed to lay pipes or cables, including drainage installation. This equipment comes in various forms, sizes, models and attachments. Among the most used models in the construction industry include the following:

  • Wheel trencher

This type of trencher is a metal wheel and is considered cheaper to operate and maintain compared to other types of trencher like the chain-type trencher. It’s designed to work well both on hard and soft soils. This equipment is often used in road maintenance projects where pavement is cut to have access to utilities laid underneath the roads.

  • Chain trencher

Another type of trencher used for digging is the chain trencher because its major component is a digging chain or belt. It’s ideal for cutting areas that are quite hard to cut and where a bucket type excavator can’t manage. This equipment is used mostly in rural areas for telecommunication, electricity, water, gas and other sanitation projects.

  • Micro trencher

This type of trencher is called the small rockwheel’ because its design comes with a cutting wheel. This unit is used in urban areas where conventional trench digging is needed.

  • Portable trencher

This type of trencher is used by landscape specialists. Due to its mobility and lightweight feature, the portable trencher is ideal for installing edging for landscape projects as well as irrigation lines.

  • Tractor mount trencher

This type of trencher is similar to the chain trencher. It’s used along with a tractor which can go at the trenchers speed and is often employed in farming, for example to dig irrigation channels.

How to choose the type of protection for a trencher insurance policy?

Choosing the type of protection will depend on many things, such as:

  • Type of trencher you possess. The more pricey the unit, the more the reason you have to cover it with a comprehensive type of trencher insurance policy.

  • Level of risks involved while using this unit like third party liability, property damage or damage to the equipment itself.

  • Other special needs may also affect the level of protection you will include in your potential policy to ensure you are fully protected such as where your trencher is stored. Theft or vandalism issues are also crucial when insuring expensive equipment like a trencher.

Who can provide solid advice on the best trencher insurance?

If you have no idea what the ideal coverage for your trencher equipment is I advise you talk to a licensed insurance broker in your area and ask about the different types of suitable protection. It’s quite alarming to continue your daily routine using the trencher without covering it with an insurance policy because you can be held liable for any incident that results in physical harm or property damage.

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