Tri Axle Trailer: Is It The Right Choice?

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edf718e07b62fd9cace96860ef857ecc1Is it quite hard to choose between the single axle trailer and the tri axle trailer? If you are already a bit confused on which model will cater to your needs, let me discuss with you the pros and cons of the single axle and the tri axle model.

Pros of a single axle trailer

  • The cost of a single axle trailer is a lot cheaper as compared to other models like the tandem and tri axle trailers due to fewer tyres needing maintenance and replacements in the near future after purchase.

  • Single axle trailer is lightweight. It can be easily maneuvered unlike a heavier model with many tyres.

  • Parking isn’t a problem because you can park it even on a tight spot unlike a trailer with more tyres, maneuvering could be truly difficult if there’s limited parking space.

  • Single axle trailer is perfect for towing

Cons of a single axle trailer

  • Single axle trailers hauling capacity is limited to a smaller quantity.

  • Some states don’t require this trailer model to have brakes.

  • Expect the tyres of a single axle trailer to be prone to wear and tear due to the amount of weight the tyres have to carry.

Pros of a tri axle trailer

  • Driving a tri axle trailer on the road is a lot safer because this model is allowed in many states to have brakes.

  • If you are looking for stability even on high speed, the tri axle trailer is the model you can count on.

  • The tri axle trailer has the anti-sway feature which gives the driver assurance that it will not sway even with a heavy load.

  • The amount of load you can carry is bigger than a single axle trailer.

  • No need to upgrade your tri axle trailer in the future even if your hauling requirements increase.

Cons of a tri axle trailer

  • Generally, the cost of a tri axle trailer may be a bit pricey compared to a single axle trailer.

  • Since this trailer model is on the heavier side, expect your mileage to decrease per trip.

  • Maintenance and repairs of the tri axle trailer will be more such as the number of tyres you need to replace, bearings and grease.

  • When using a tri axle trailer for towing, you need to tow level or you will end up putting more weight both the front and back tyres.

Which is the best model to consider?

There’s not really a specific answer to this question. The final answer will entirely depend on the potential buyer’s personal preference, budget as well as the hauling requirements. I advise you to sit down and make a detailed list of what you really need. If your final assessment leads you to a conclusion that a tri axle trailer is the best option, go and visit a reliable trailer dealer and negotiate a good price.

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