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Tri Axle Trailer: Is It The Right Choice?

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Is it quite hard to choose between the single axle trailer and the tri-axle trailer? If you are already a bit confused about which model will cater to your needs, let me discuss with you the pros and cons of the single axle and the tri-axle model.

Pros of a single axle trailer

Cons of a single axle trailer

Pros of a tri-axle trailer

Cons of a tri-axle trailer

Which is the best model to consider?

There’s not really a specific answer to this question. The final answer will entirely depend on the potential buyer’s personal preference, budget as well as the hauling requirements. I advise you to sit down and make a detailed list of what you really need. If your final assessment leads you to the conclusion that a tri-axle trailer is the best option, go and visit a reliable trailer dealer and negotiate a good price.

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