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Does your fleet continually trap with delays and cancellations due to downtime? According to truck downtime insurance, Australia specialists, many fleet owners and operators cry on income lost due to downtime caused by preventable vehicle issues. While manufacturers continue to upgrade their designs and deliver cleaner, more efficient transport vehicles to cater to today’s emission regulations, it’s a known fact that many fleet operators make do with old designs. The service life expectancy of these vehicles, however, can be extended– with proper preventive maintenance.


Whether old or new designs, preventive maintenance require utmost attention focused on delivering efficient operation results. When thinking of improving your fleet’s current PMS program, the following aspects must be carefully taken into mind.


  1. Always engage technicians to follow procedures written in operating and service manuals. Many experienced mechanics and service technicians no longer rely on these handy resources and instead, focusing on their experience. It must be noted though that each truck model differs in maintenance needs. Even same brands carrying different models can have certain updates integrated in their new designs. By studying manuals that come along with each truck. Technicians will be even more informed of any potential problems that they may not have experienced before.


  1. Consider providing refresher courses to technicians and drivers. Too much familiarity can often lead to disaster– and the same can happen in a fleet business. Without proper training and re-training, drivers and technicians can go lax in their jobs resulting in more downtime issues. Refresher courses will help tap on their knowledge and skills as well as provide certain updates relevant in present time.


  1. Make PMS a routine. Even with the absence of downtime or any transport issues for that matter, keeping a regular preventive maintenance schedule is a must. Trucks or any type of transport vehicle are constantly exposed to hazardous elements making them prone to wear-and-tear. Even the most careful of drivers will have issues with their assigned vehicle from time to time. Keeping such vehicles from being regularly checked will help guarantee that small problems do not get blown out of proportion that may create a huge dent on fleet productivity.


  1. Don’t forget truck downtime insurance. Not all claims on vehicle warranty are guaranteed by manufacturers. In fact, these companies will look deep into your fleet’s maintenance initiatives to assess such claims. It is best then, to have a strong wall to lean on when tough times call for financial backup. When your fleet hit a rough patch due to vehicle failure, a reliable policy can help your business continue rolling. Though a must, filing a claim must however be considered as a last resort with your priority focused on maintaining a good working vehicle and steady flow of income coming in to your business coffers.

Truck downtime is inevitable. Even fleets with the best maintenance service can experience breakdowns requiring major repairs. It does not really matter if the fault is from your side or done by another. It will still negatively impact productivity. So keep your drivers and technicians abreast with current preventive maintenance systems and always have reliable insurance protection as buffer. Feel free to send us a request for a truck downtime insurance quote today to learn more.