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Truck Driver Lifestyle Protection InsuranceTruck drivers and their mean machines are not called the king of the roads for nothing– and for the wrong reasons. For one, many of think of themselves as invincible that getting a truck driver lifestyle protection insurance or getting into a healthy regimen is sneered at. However, risks on and off the road can often put their lives in constant danger. To get truckies lifestyle always in check, important considerations must be taken into mind.

You Are What You Eat

Hauling goods from one point to another can take as long as 14 hours a day. This exposes drivers not just to road hazards but also to unhealthy eating habits. It is no surprise that truckies tend to favor a cholesterol-transfat-friendly diet due to ease and convenience. However, the same comfort may also lower their average lifespan as this often results to obesity. Obsessive weight gain, as we all know, is a common cause for chronic cardiovascular diseases with heart diseases and diabetes taking centerstage.

While having a truck driver lifestyle protection insurance may help overcome financial difficulties due to a chronic illness, it is still imperative to take control of your life. Start by changing a “whatever-I-can-eat” attitude into positive one. All it takes is to plan food-packing ahead of time. There are actually long travel friendly grubs which are non-perishable and jam-packed with nutrients. Think: nuts and seeds, peanut butter sandwich packets, dried fruits, naturally-preserved veggies and so on. Popping a vitamin supplement and drinking plenty of water must also be taken into mind to ensure sustaining a healthy immunity for the long haul ahead.

Woes of Sedentary Driving

Aside from espousing a healthy diet, getting into the groove of exercising should also be a part of truckies lifestyle. While the goal of having a lifestyle protection insurance is to provide a safety net, getting active will help prevent developing chronic illnesses. According to a Harvard, all it takes is to develop a 30-minute daily program to keep your circulatory system in check. Exercising also helps burn unwanted calories and fats ingested which, when paired with hours of driving, can make one’s weight balloon.

You can actually sub-divide this active lifestyle regimen into three 10-minute sessions. A quick 10-minute walk around the vehicle to double check tires, cargo, headlights, truck body, and other parts to ensure 360-degree preventative check-up. Prior to that, doing push ups or squats for 10 minutes can also help rev up the body for the long haul ahead. Another 10 minutes can be done in a pit stop wherein you can combine routine check-up on your vehicle and doing push-ups, jumping jacks, squats or any form of exercise you favor. The idea is to keep yourself energized. Take extra precautions though to prevent injuries and always do proper stretching.

Keeping Things In Check

Of course, always remember–insurance. While your life insurance may provide your loved ones in the event of an untimely death, truck driver lifestyle protection insurance guarantees that your lifestyle and that of your family’s needs are taken cared of in the event of not being able to work for a length of time due to injuries sustained from accidents or from illnesses brought by an unhealthy lifestyle. To ensure that both protection are enjoyed, truckies are advised to keep a healthy lifestyle and a dependable insurance in place. Keep in mind that your health is directly correlated to their own.