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Truck Driver Personal Accident InsuranceIs truck driver personal accident insurance to cover your losses? As a long haul truck driver, you will most likely be taking charge of hauling thousands of dollars’ worth of goods day in and day out. No matter what type of industry you will be delegated to, one thing remains the same though– you will be operating with risks and hazards. The moment you turn on the ignition, your accident ticking bomb is also ticking.

While having a PA insurance may deliver much needed financial respite in the event of an illness or injury from accidents, the need to come up with a safety management system must also be taken into mind. To get you started, here are some important aspects to ponder upon.

  • Start by instituting routine preventive maintenance. While many truckies consider this time consuming and costly, identifying and addressing issues before they turn into disasters will help generate more benefits to the business. Preventive maintenance can decrease truck downtime as major repairs are reduced to a bare minimum. This also helps reduce overtime costs and extends life expectancy of vehicles. More so, it will guarantee improved road safety leading to less road mishaps detrimental to life and life of truck drivers.

  • Loss prevention system must not also be taken for granted. Many self-employed truck driver’s believe that loss prevention system is only meant to be used in big trucking businesses. Well, not really. Even if self-employed, mimicking job loss analysis, root cause analysis, self-assessment, near loss/near-miss investigation standards, and other aspects of LPS can helps mitigate problems from its core leading to an incident-free truck driving performance. Loss prevention system, in its simplest form, aims to not just enhance productivity but also in creating a positive driving environment and culture of excellence in whatever you do.

  • Carve a sound fatigue management program. Whether long or short haul, truck drivers are subjected to serious fatigue issues. Sleeping while driving is one of the most common causes of damaging accidents on the road. By raising awareness and understanding on the signs as well as impacts of fatigue, these allow them to be better prepared in handling risks and in preventing fatigue-related incidents. When done accordingly, it does not only improve driver productivity but also helps in reducing costs and improving quality of life.

  • Truck drivers must also subject themselves to developing healthier lifestyle. It is almost too easy to succumb to the unhealthy aspects of truck driving. Eating unhealthy food, boredom smoking, binge drinking, and so on are almost considered a “norm” in some. Embracing a healthier lifestyle, however, will mean a huge pivot and requires commitment. When done with passion, however, such changes will not only make truck driving engagement safer but also help drivers to gain a much better perspective about life.

Having an insurance policy to lean on when times get tough should not be the end game in this high risk job. Truck drivers must somehow not grow complacent in ensuring safety and security. Instead, consider truck driver personal accident insurance as a curative measure and the above mentioned safety management points as preventative measure to guarantee solid support. To learn more about truck driver insurance, call our hotline or schedule a consultation with us.