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Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance, Insurance for truck drivers, truck driver insuranceWill your family be well protected should you succumb to serious illness or perhaps, become incapacitated due to injuries? Can you still pay for mortgage or apartment rental when you can’t work longer than expected due to poor health? Truck drivers are perennially exposed to health risks and road hazards making their livelihood one of the most dangerous jobs of the world. But it’s the “it will never happen to me” attitude that’s keeping many truckies take out a truck driver sickness and accident insurance Australia policy— a grave mistake only realized when facing life’s harsh realities.

Recipe for Disaster

If studies are to be believed, thousands of families go homeless or barely scraping for housing costs should a truck driver being the breadwinner misses a month’s pay. Living from paycheck to paycheck is quite common in truck driving communities. Amid the risks and hazards, these transport professionals have one of the lowest pays in the market. With increasing costs of daily expenses and children growing up fast needing more support, so does making ends meet a constant struggle in the family.

Basically, a month with no take home pay can easily make a truck driver’s and that of his family on the brink of disaster. It would mean delays in mortgage or rental dues, utility bills payment, tuition fees for kids, and so on. It may also result in debts and loans with high interest, bleeding the whole family’s treasure chest dry. It is a recipe for disaster, something that no pillar of the family will allow to happen.

Insurance as Disaster Barrier

One of the wisest decision a truck driver will do in his lifetime is when he obtain an insurance like income protection or critical illness cover. While a transport company may have an insurance policy to aid in hospitalization or to protect him from liability in the event of an accident, it cannot provide long-term support due to absences. Big transport companies normally offer week-long sick leave or vacation leave, with others at 15days the most. After that, you are on your own. But that’s just for conscientious ones who ensure employees are well-compensated.

If you want to ensure protection for you and the whole family, obtaining a truck driver sickness and accident insurance Australia will guarantee steady flow of income to support the whole family’s needs while you’re recuperating. This form of financial protection as an insurance policy will help cover for critical household bills and expenses should you be unemployed for a long period of time or when you’re not covered with workers’ compensation insurance.

Important Considerations

Without a doubt, a truck driver sickness and accident insurance Australia policy can greatly aid the whole family during challenging times. When taking out one, it is important to inform an insurer critical information like previous medical conditions and, in the event of accidents, truthful declaration of what transpired to validate a claim. Failure to do so may be used against you. Most importantly, try to find a reliable insurance company who can offer the best coverage at a manageable premium. If you may try to go for separate policies– income protection and critical illness cover– from a single insurer to enjoy discounts and lower premiums. If you want to learn more, call our office number NOW or enquire online.