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Truck Insurance AustraliaThe arrival of summer is hugely awaited in the Land Down Under. It is the time Australians head out to the beach and start preparations for Christmas. While majority of Australians keenly look forward to arrival of summer, for the trucking community it marks the arrival of the most dangerous season. Given the rise in the temperatures incidents of truck fires also rise exponentially.

Truck fires leading to breakdown of equipment can completely jeopardize operations especially for the small trucking companies. They have to bear huge losses and also take a severe hit to their brand name. Brakes, tyres and electrical equipment wear faster in warm temperatures with reports of oil leaks and damaged bearings being pretty common. If these aren’t corrected in time these can lead to fires and total damage to the vehicle and cargo in worst cases. But the good news is that majority of such incidents can easily be prevented as studies as well as feedback collected from the industry have already shown.

Truck Insurance HQ, a leading transport insurance broker is supporting an NTI launched initiative to minimize truck fires during the summers. The company says “Our experience in this industry suggests that the risk of truck fires can be substantially minimized if truckers adhere to timely maintenance schedules. We have spoken to operators from different parts of the country and data gathered clearly shows that trucking companies that invest in maintenance report fewer incidents of truck fire.”

He adds “As a part of our initiative we are spreading awareness among our clients. We expect this message to spread within the community through word of mouth when our clients talk to their peers.”

The company is spreading awareness about the basic safety checks and actions that can prevent incidents of fire or minimize damage in the event of a fire. Some of these best practices include –

  • Daily physical checks to spot oil leaks or wear of any parts

  • Bringing the vehicle to a halt in the case of smoke or strange smell

  • Strict adherence to maintenance schedules

  • Avoid smoking while refuelling or carrying explosive or flammable goods

  • Carrying basic fire fighting equipment and training crew members how to use them

Truck Insurance HQ believes awareness and compliance to basic safety standards will make journeys safer for the truckers in this hot season.

At Truck Insurance Hq we can advise you on all the best types of insurance for your need sand to make sure you have the correct cover to make sure you are covered in the event of fire damaging your truck. Give our Insurance advisers a call in the office on 1300 815 344 or fill out a quote form online and one of our insurance advisers will call you back.