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payment-options-banner1Insurance HQ offers a range of Truck Insurance Payment Options to suit your needs. Our recommendations in regards to payment options will rely on a range of circumstances including:

  • Insurer credit terms.
  • Insurer payment structures including:
    • Deposit premium policies
    • Annual adjustable / Declaration payment policies
    • Annual / Monthly / Declaration based policies
  • Cost savings associated with externally funding premiums
  • Coverage enhancement associated with externally funding premiums
  • Arrangement of policy due dates to maximize premium savings and reflect a business cash flow.

Whilst not all insurers offer payment options, and not all policies are suitable for delayed payment arrangements, we are able to offer all businesses pay by the month flexibility.

Some of the benefits of utilizing pay by the month arrangements include:

  • Ability to access all insurers and choose the most suitable insurer based on coverage and cost.
  • Ability to have policies paid through one direct debit authority.
  • Ability to conserve cash flow, and maximize the use of funds available.
  • Possible tax advantages

Insurance HQ will discuss with you the payment options that are available based on your insurance needs.

This service also extends to include payment option plans for insurance policies directly through alternate sources such as worker’s compensation.

For all payment options and any more information on payment options, give our adviser a call at Truck insurance HQ on 1300 815 344