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Transit Insurance, Goods In Transit Insurance, truck insuranceDo you own a small fleet of vans for courier services? Or are you operating and driving a van doing the same? It is common misconception for many courier driver-operator to go into the “single comprehensive” motor vehicle insurance approach instead of picking two or more dedicated insurance for courier drivers. Apparently, many of them believe that with a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, everything will be covered. This thinking, however, have caused a lot of headaches to those who have experienced damaged to goods, theft or other catastrophic circumstances leading to legal battles. While your van or any vehicle used may be protected, you will eventually need a sound goods in transit insurance to protect not just the items you carry but also yourself from losing revenue.

Goods Transit Insurance

But what’s in goods in transit insurance for courier drivers under your employ or for you as both a driver and operator of a courier services? It cannot be helped that in the last two years or so, various incidents across Australia have subjected goods to theft. Add to that the unforeseen instances of courier vehicles figuring in an accident leading to undue damage to goods. While it’s true that most couriers only take goods at an owner’s risk, there are certain circumstances that will invalidate this agreement putting your services on a standstill– and you losing not just reputation but also revenues.

Goods in transit insurance for courier drivers will provide a padding of protection for goods carried by your vehicle. This particular insurance is often, an add-on to the so-called comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies. Aside from covering packages or parcels for your clients, it also typically covers your own supplies on board. Think about delivering an antique China dinnerware set and breaking them all due to a collision incident or losing them to thieves. With goods in transit insurance, you can feel safe knowing that all goods stolen, lost or damages will not make your foot the bill.

Rising Road Risks

This insurance policy is even more relevant now more than ever. The growing problem in various areas in Australia concerning theft and road accidents have increased courier drivers risk to losing both their revenues and credibility. From parcels or packages stolen to vans being carjacked or worst, drivers being robbed continue to cause a lot of headaches to authorities and to various courier drivers. Next to accidents, these issues also put courier driver’s lives in peril.

Many courier drivers then, seek refuge in getting the right insurance protection. Aside from goods in transit, liability insurance and income protection are also being considered to help cut financial implications to a minimum. Most clients, by the way, expect to have some safety net for the goods entrusted to you. The idea, however, is to find a policy that suits your own circumstances. By finding a goods in transit insurance for courier drivers that’s tailored to your needs and that of the business, you can guarantee getting the right protection when its needed.

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