Heavy Vehicle Insurance

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Heavy Vehicle insurance is to protect you from the financial losses that arise as a result of accidents, unfavourable weather, theft, and many other reasons. You can pay the cost of all these damages occurred with this insurance. Vehicle insurance provides the cover for all the vehicle issues including vehicle destruction, property harm and human injury. That means you can get full financial coverage if there is any personal injury, property harm or other vehicle damage because of your vehicle.

Vehicles are the biggest assets for the earthmoving contractors. There are numerous heavy-duty vehicles like excavators, trucks, cranes, diggers, bobcats, graders, and many more used while doing the business. There are 100% possibilities that injuries or damages will take place while working with these giant vehicles. So it will be the smartest decision to get your company insured with the vehicle insurance and get the cover against some unexpected and unforeseen events occurring.

Earth Moving Insurance HQ is an acknowledged insurance company dealing with different type of earth moving insurances like workers compensation insurance, vehicle insurance, management liability insurance, etc. We offer the best insurance policies to our clients that offers the best coverage and commendable benefits. Whether you are an earthmoving contractor or sole owner of any earthmoving vehicle, you can get your vehicle insured with us and can claim the money in case of any vandalizing incident take place.

With a vehicle insurance, you will get the cover in case you cause damage to any other thing with your vehicle may be it property, person, or vehicle. Also, if you are opting for a higher level of coverage, you can get the coverage for your vehicle against collisions, fire, accident, theft, and weather events. The coverage would vary for different levels of insurance.

There are basically 4 types of vehicle insurances available in the market. All these insurances have different claims and coverage. You have to select according to your business requirements. Let’s have a glance at these types and increase the knowleFleet Insurance, Truck Fleet Insurance, Custom Fleet Insurance, Free Fleet Insurance Quote, Haulage Fleet Insurancedge on it.

  1. Compulsory Third Party: In this type of vehicle insurance, you can get the cover against the damage of other vehicles or property. But it does not pay for your vehicle’s damage if you are caught in fault.
  2. Third Party Property: It is the same as compulsory third party type of insurance. If you don’t want to get coverage for someone else’s vehicle at your fault, you will need the Third Party Property Cover.
  3. Third Party Fire and Theft: It offers the same coverage as the third party property in case of fire related damages or vehicle steal issue. However, this insurance also not pay for the repairs if you are at fault in an accident.
  4. Comprehensive: This type of insurance offers the coverage for repair or replacement for your vehicle without considering the party at fault. It also gives cover against the damage caused due to fire, storm, hail, and theft.

Hence, a comprehensive vehicle insurance will be the best choice if you want 100% coverage against the damages caused to your vehicle and others too. There are a lot of plans for buying a vehicle insurance. You can select according to your usage of the vehicle. There are insurance policies for young drivers below 25, for pensioners, and for ladies.

We have many specialized insurance packages for the earthmoving contractors. You may visit our place or call us anytime for getting the best guidance about vehicle insurance. Our expert advisors are always there to help you out regarding any insurance policies.

Hurry Up! Get the best vehicle insurance for your company from Earth Moving Insurance HQ.