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Reefer Truck Insurance

Insurance policies do vary. There’s always special insurance to cover a particular client’s insurance needs. Among the insurance policies highly favored by entrepreneurs owning refrigerated transport vehicles that deliver highly perishable goods like dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish and other seafood products, is the Reefer truck insurance policy. So, what’s good about this insurance policy? I’m going to share with you some relevant information about the full coverage of this insurance.

What is Reefer truck insurance?

Reefer truck insurance is a type of insurance policy that caters specifically to owners of transport vehicles with customized refrigeration or cooling systems designed to preserve the freshness of food items that spoil easily during a delivery journey. The extent of coverage of this type of insurance usually addresses the day-to-day challenges that owners of refrigerated vehicles experience like spoilage of goods, road collision or total breakdown.

What is the coverage of a Reefer truck insurance policy?

A comprehensive Reefer truck insurance policy generally covers the following issues:

  • Major breakdown

Just like any cargo or transport truck intended for daily deliveries, this refrigerated transport vehicle is also prone to a major breakdown. The main reason why many business owners of this type of vehicle like to have Reefer truck insurance is that it provides coverage in the event of financial losses encountered due to engine failure or faulty cooling system. The client covered under the Reefer truck insurance can file a claim based on this unavoidable event.

  • Loading and unloading issues

Accidents do happen when you are about to load or unload cargo. The Reefer truck insurance policy assures you are protected for perishable goods damaged while being loaded or unloaded from your cargo truck.

  • Removal of unwanted debris

When your transport truck is off the road, accidents do happen that are beyond your control, like a major collision. As a result of this accident, unwanted debris from your Reefer truck could cause traffic problems on the road. If this happens, expect your Reefer truck insurance to help you finance the cost for the removal of debris.

  • Cargo loss

Another guaranteed coverage of a comprehensive Reefer truck insurance policy is cargo loss. Here, the client with a Reefer truck insurance policy can receive compensation for any earnings lost during a cargo loss.

  • Collision and comprehensive

Some of the concerns of refrigerated truck owners include fear of encountering unpredictable events while on the road, like collision, issues of theft or vandalism, or even accidental fire. Again, if you are have availed yourself of a Reefer truck insurance policy, the extent of your protection covers whatever problems or external factors that your vehicle may have to deal with on a daily basis.

  • Towing and storage

There may be a day in your life as a cargo truck owner that your vehicle will need to be towed and stored due to physical damage. In cases where a client is covered by Reefer truck insurance, the claim benefits will generally cover expenses involved for towing or storage purposes.

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