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Elevated Work Platform Insurance

Do you often use an elevated work platform for your construction business? The operation of this unit requires professional handling and strict observance of safety measure to limit the chances of hazardous incidents, both for the operators as well as other passengers on board. If you feel your daily activities from one construction site to another puts your workers at risk, particularly those assigned to operate the elevated work platform, it’s about time you consider buying an elevated work platform insurance policy. In case you aren’t sure how to get started, I suggest you become aware of these common mistakes and avoid buying the wrong insurance protection policy.

  • Buying on impulse

One of the common mistakes a busy entrepreneur like you may commit, especially if you are too preoccupied with other matters dealing with your construction projects is the fear of operating the elevated work platform without any protection. As much as you would like to be insured right away, don’t buy on impulse. Take time to assess the scope of protection coverage that a prospective insurer is trying to offer for a proposed elevated work platform insurance policy.

  • Don’t be Too shy to ask questions

Sometimes being too shy to ask questions can put you at greater risk, especially if you run various construction projects involving the use of an elevated work platform. Imagine, if you didn’t ask about the possible consequences you face if you choose basic protection coverage for elevated work platform insurance, you might eventually face a bigger issue if a third party liability isn’t included. Keep in mind the hazards faced by the operator of an elevated work platform, including the workers on board are massive, such as accidental falls due to height or electrocution when in direct contact with power lines. So feel free to ask anything that bothers you. Your insurer might be able to explain the ideal protection coverage to give you peace of mind while completing a construction project.

  • Not doing research on a prospective insurer’s credentials

For your protection, do research on a prospective insurer’s credentials in the marketplace. Why? If you commit the mistake of not taking time to know about the background of the insurer where you wish to buy elevated work platform insurance, afterwards you might have regrets when discovering the insurer has a bad reputation when it comes to the release of insurance claims.

  • Not checking on the figures

Even though you are busy attending to your construction projects personally, don’t commit the mistake of not checking the figures provided by your chosen insurance company. While you haven’t signed the policy check the figures for the cost of your insurance and the amount considered to be part of your inclusions and deductibles, so you know exactly how much you have to pay. Besides, reviewing the computation of your insurance policy will provide the chance to verify that no errors have been committed, like the market value of your elevated work platform unit. If you find any discrepancy, immediately notify the insurer to make the necessary revisions.

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