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Workcover Alternative For Truck DriversSo your driving job cannot be qualified for state-sanctioned Workcover? Yet, the threat of injury is as pervasive and as real as that of other truckies. So, what to do? Are there workcover alternative for truck drivers which you can gain access to? Truck owners who go to work or do business by driving their own vehicle are obviously not covered by the efficient WorkCover scheme in overseeing and regulating compensation of workers across Australia. But this should not curtail one’s interest in ensuring protection from dire consequences resulting from accidents while on the job.

The Omnipresence Of Risks

Truck drivers very well know the hazards they submit themselves to the moment they step on their accelerator. Aside from exposure to inclement weather conditions, fatigue, stress and overall unhealthy lifestyle brought by long hours of driving on the road, truckies also have to contend with pervasive risks of loading/unloading cargoes, slips, falls and strains from maneuvering and disembarking from cabs, slips and falls from loading docks, raising huge and heavy hoods of vehicle, handling equipment that comes with the vehicle, and other pertinent activities directly related to the job.

Add to these the traffic accidents which can strike even the most careful of truckies on the road– and you have a recipe for disaster prepared before you day in and day out. Workcover alternative for truck drivers allow those who have no cover to keep themselves protected from loss of income when injuries happen. Keep in mind that without an insurance to fall back on, even the teeniest injury can cause a lot of problems to one’s daily grind.

When Workcover Doesn’t Work

In the last two years or so, studies all over Australia revealed that more than 50 truckies succumb to life threatening injuries each year with around 35 percent owing to working around their vehicle, 20 percent to repetitive stress and another 30 percent on crashes and collisions. To employed truck drivers, worker’s compensation allowance can be of great help in augmenting their usual lifestyle even when they’re recuperating at home. But when one is not covered, the need to fight or, at the very least, minimize such risks fall on the truck driver’s hands.

Fatigue and inattention are two of the most common triggers, the study further noted. With this, truckies can actually make necessary changes to ensure that they do not exceed driving hours. They need to ensure that work and rest times are synchronized and scheduled efficiently. Preventive maintenance, loading procedures and other safe work practices must be followed at all times. Defensive driving techniques must be strictly imposed at all times. As a safety net, getting income protection or truck accident insurance also counts.

Setting Your Own Safety Net

As mentioned, risks are omnipresent on the road. No matter how careful and efficient a truckie, another driver or pedestrian may put his or her resolve to the test with their devil-may-care attitude. It is therefore essential to put a protective system in place to ensure truckies can go through life undeterred even when facing serious or critical injuries. From income protection to critical illness insurance and to various workcover alternative for truck drivers, setting your own safety net will help protect yourself from various challenges brought by the job and ultimately provide a sturdy support for your loved ones to lean back on when such things happen.

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Cheap workcover alternative for truck drivers Australia.

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