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Box trailers are multi-purpose cubic structure trailers that are mounted on wheels. They can often be seen being towed by motor vehicles along the roads in Australia. The name was coined from its close similarity to a box.

They have vertical sides of various heights that include enclosed canopies. They are used for transporting goods from one place to another. They usually have openings on both ends for easy access during loading and unloading. They can be towed by a truck or a car.

Box trailers may be simple in construction but since they are used for transporting goods, they also comply with regulations concerning public safety and well-being as well as environmental regulations. If you use a box trailer for your business, you must have the right insurance cover for your protection.

Even if you think your cargo is not that valuable or that your trailer only travels short distances, you are still exposed to many risks while loading, unloading and during transport.

We can help you identify the best insurance solutions for your business. Whether you own only one box trailer or many, you need to have the right cover to guard against huge expenses in case of accidents, lost or damaged cargo, business interruption, and general liabilities.

We offer the most affordable and effective truck insurance solutions Australia wide. Call us today on 1300 815 344 to enquire about box trailer insurance, or click Request a Quote button to learn more about the best truck and trailer insurance deals.

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