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A pantech truck’s body is made from aluminum or fiberglass reinforced panels. These panels can be used on a trailer or rigid truck.

Most pantech trucks and trailers are used for transporting chilled freight or used by moving companies. These types of cargo can travel long distances locally or interstate. Valuable possessions are placed by individuals and businesses in the hands of removalists trusting that their belongings will arrive at their destination safely.

Despite all precautions you take, unforeseen events can happen that may bring about catastrophic consequences. Valuables can get damaged during handling, or damaged during an accident. Other legal liabilities may arise from many risks that trucks face during transport.

As insurance experts, we understand the risks you take and can provide cost-effective solutions to manage those risks. By having the right insurance, you can focus on making your operations as seamless and efficient as possible without worrying about unforeseen events and potential hazards to your business.

We take great care to ensure you have wide range of cover so that your business operations continue and don’t lose out on opportunities. Whatever your pantech trailer and trucking insurance needs are, we have the most flexible and affordable insurance solutions to meet those needs.

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