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A drilling rig samples and tests underground properties like rocks, soil and mineral deposits.  They may also put in underground utilities and wells.  A drilling rig is composed of a pump, a mast, a substructure, blowout preventer, drill collar, drill pipe, a mud tank and top drive.  Different drill types can be used on a machine depending on what the job requires and are common in mining and construction.


When a drilling rig is mounted on a truck, it is smaller than a permanent drilling rig. In recent years, there have been significant improvements to drilling rigs but mechanical downtime and accidents are still part and parcel of the business.  Staff must be covered by workers compensation and liability insurance policies.  Trucks must be covered by comprehensive motor insurance. Other legal liabilities must also be covered to ensure that the business manages its risks efficiently.


There are more than 520,000 trucks on Australian roads and some of these trucks are rigid vehicles with drilling rigs.  This type of vehicle faces certain risks while on the road and on the job.  Don’t wait for an accident claim that could put you out of business.


We have a sound knowledge of the drilling industry and know what your clients demand when it comes to insurance.  Speak to us and learn how you can reduce your risks with cost effective insurance solutions.


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