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Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance Transport operators in Australia are exposed to three major types of liability, regardless if they own a single truck or operate a large fleet.

One of the biggest risks would be for public liability. Public liability insurance is designed to cover injury or damage to property owned by another party except those that arise from the use of a registered motor vehicle. This blanket cover protects an operator from non-motor risks. This type of policy includes injuries to third parties or damages to property owned by third parties that occur during delivery.

A small business needs protection from financial consequences of property damage or personal injury to other individuals. If you are held accountable for someone else’s injury or property damage, costs of compensation can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that could cripple your business.

At Truck Insurance HQ we can help you find the lowest quotes for public liability insurance for truck operators. Go online to request a quote or call our office on 1300 815 344 and be covered by the most trusted Australian business insurance companies.


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