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Insurance for Courier DriversJust a few shuteye before Christmas and one can already feel excitement reverberating in the air. Everyone seems to be in a festive mood making it a perfect time for gift-giving. To a courier driver, this also means braving the traffic and thousands of miles just to deliver the goods on Santa’s list. So aside from having dependable insurance for courier drivers online sources echoing expert sentiments have laid out a grand safety management plan for the holidays. With both excitement and stress of the season putting you and other road users on hyperdrive, it is high time to think about these guidelines when delivering parcels all across Australia by land.

  • Never, and again let me repeat that never drink or use your gadgets while driving. There will be more drivers on the road pre-holidays. Many of these people are not even regular drivers. In the hope of evading the usual claustrophobia-savvy trains and buses, these seasonal drivers hit on the road with their rusty driving skills. So always pay extra attention to your surroundings.

  • Put your perpetual good mood on. The pre-holiday jitters can easily put some road users on the edge of their seats. Think drunk (or high) drivers frolicking main thoroughfares. You can easily earn the ire of a raging bull out there and the best thing to do is to not wear a “red shirt.” In short, be nice. Be courteous. Give way.

  • Before taking off, do a 360-degree on your courier van or truck. Check the exterior– tires, backdoor or side-door lock, underneath, the hood, the rear, and so on. Have the lights cleared? Check oil, coolant, brake fluid, coolant, and so on. It’s going to be hot so make sure your air conditioning unit is in good shape. Of course, don’t forget those batteries, too.

  • Plan the delivery route in advance. Take time to know about traffic reports, detours, and weather conditions before going out. Even with a GPS, it is also wise to have a back-up like a paper map particularly when you’re new to the place. Or download an app on your smartphone.

  • Always follow stipulated speed limits. Decide to travel slowly though when roads are congested. The idea is to put your defensive driving skills on the fore. As mentioned, it is safer to give way then become a victim of aggression on the road. Do remember to put rescue and traffic police on speed dial when traveling.

  • Have enough rest prior to departing. Regardless of the distance of the delivery, being well-rested always means more alertness to road conditions. Take regular breaks for long drives and always choose safe areas as a pit stops. Do another round of 360-degree check before departing on every pit stop, too.

  • Always be prepared for any emergencies with a bugout pack. Have a blanket, jacket, boots, flashlight, multi-tool, and an emergency kit handy before you embark on a delivery trip. While the weather may be hot and humid during this time, climate change may cause sudden disturbances. So better be ready for anything all the time.

Overall, it pays to be ready when driving for the holidays. Give your attitude a boost and practice your mind to focus on reaching your delivery destination safely. Take this insurance for courier driver’s online tips as a safety checklist before you hit the road. To learn more about protection, call our hotline or send us a request for a consult.

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