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Courier Insurance, Courier Insurance Quote, Courier Van Insurance any driver, courier van insurance AustraliaWe specialise in courier insurance! Whether you need to insure a single vehicle, mini fleet or large scale operation, we can set you up with the right policy to work for your business. With access to over 170 insurers locally and internationally we have spent considerable time over the years negotiating competitive premiums with our insurers and knowing the in’s and out’s of the various types of cover YOU may need.

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Truck Insurance HQ understands you want the best cover at the best price, and offer a premium service with unrivaled knowledge in the courier insurance sector and we give our competitors a run for their money when it comes to premiums. However, If you still want more quotes after you’ve received ours, here are our top tips to get the best free quotes!

Top 3 tips for getting free courier insurance quotes!

  1. Contact a local insurer

To get a free quote go ahead and contact a local insurer. I suggest you get a list of local insurers and inquire if they can offer you a free quote. Although you might not get it the same day, this option will still give you an idea of how much basic to comprehensive courier insurance policies cost.

  1. Visit comparison sites

Another option for obtaining an estimate for your preferred courier insurance policy is by visiting comparison sites. You will get an idea of the cost of a courier insurance policy with various levels of protection coverage. Prices will differ from one insurer to another. The advantage of going to comparison sites is it gives you the opportunity to compare cover and also find something within your budget.

  1. Hire the services of a broker

Among the quickest options to get free quotes without any difficulty is by hiring the services of a broker. An independent broker is usually affiliated with many insurance companies and if you personally don’t have the time, you can depend on the broker to get free quotes for you based on your insurance needs and budget.

What information do you need to provide when getting a free quote?

If you decide to use the online calculator app that online insurers offer to clients, you will be required to disclose the following:

  • Your full name and address

  • Nature of your business

  • Credit score rating

  • Number of courier vehicles

  • Number of employees hired

  • Risks associated to your business’ operation

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How to negotiate a cheaper courier insurance quote

If you are on a tight budget and wish to negotiate a cheaper courier insurance quote, I recommend you apply the following measures:

  • Implement safety practices to ensure the safety of your drivers while on a courier job order.

  • Do regular maintenance checks on vehicles used for your courier business.

  • Observe strict rules in the workplace to assure the safety of hired workers, like putting signage warnings for wet floors to avoid incidents of accidental falls.

  • Get a broker to negotiate for you.

Types of Insurance Coverage

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Cover almost everything in your vehicles, if you choose this coverage you will get many benefits since almost all the loss and damages on the road will be covered by courier comprehensive coverage. So you can take some comfort for that, 
  • Theft and Liability Coverage: This coverage will compensate all the money to you if you can prove that your vehicles were stolen, the insurance company will be responsible for that and after going through some verification process, you will receive the money to buy a new one and continue running your business. 
  • Fire Coverage: As its name, if in a accident your courier is caught on fire, the insurance will help you to recover from loss but just in case your courier is caught on fire! Please note that!

Getting a free quote is just one of the considerations to attend to when buying a courier insurance policy. Once you manage to get a free quote, you can now make plans and check whether you are financially stable enough to fund this type of investment. Should you choose  flexible payment arrangement, note that the moment you buy the courier insurance policy you are obliged to pay it diligently to fulfill the insurance premium.

Truck Insurance HQ are leaders in the truck and transport insurance sector and are able to find the right insurance for your business. if it’s courier insurance you need, you have come to the right place. Call our specialised insurance brokers today to discuss your courier insurance needs.  Call us on 1300 815 344 or go online and request a quote.

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