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Truck Insurance HQ is your industry expert within the trucking and heavy haulage insurance industry.
We cover all trucks, trailers, transport and logistics, and have been doing so now for more than 10 years.
We’re a family-owned and operated brokerage and what we care about most is taking care of all our truckies here in Australia, ensuring they get the best deals, cover and protection when they need it most.

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What’s the difference between a truck and a lorry?

Typically the two terms can be interchangeable. You’ll find countries such as America & Australia adopt the term, ‘truck’ more, whilst countries like the UK say ‘lorry’. Both are regarded as HGV Vehicles.

On the odd occasion, we will have some clients call up wanting insurance for their ute/pickup truck which is a light goods vehicle (LGV). In this case, provided the ute is under 3.5 tonnes, we can insure them with a comprehensive and competitive Motor Vehicle Insurance policy – a new service we’ve started offering this year.

What’s the difference between LGVs &HGVs?

To have your vehicle classified as a ‘Light Goods Vehicle’ (LGV), your lorry/truck must weigh 3.5 tonnes or under.
What some people don’t know, is that 3.5 tonnes must be the maximum weight including your passengers, cargo & fuel.
Generally, most pick-up trucks and vans/courier vans come under the LGV classification.
In Australia, you are allowed to drive these vehicles under your standard driver’s license, though some LGV’s require a special license.

Lorries or Trucks that weigh over 3.5 tonnes are considered to be Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) or Heavy Haulage Vehicles.
To drive these vehicles, you’ll require a special upgraded licence to match the lorry or truck you’ll be operating.
There are many different kinds in Australia, such as:

For more Vehicle Classifications you can visit the official Transport for NSW government site (or easily navigate to your own state site).

Typically, HGV lorries are used for commercial purposes.
It is handy to know that most insurers cap their Heavy Haulage insurance policies on vehicles that weigh 44 tonnes.
Any lorry or truck that weighs more than 44 tonnes will likely require a specialist insurance policy.

Here at Truck Insurance HQ, we can organize cover for any lorry or heavy haulage vehicle of any weight, and of any size.
We specialize in tailoring policies specific to your needs so you don’t pay extra for cover you don’t need, and so you can ensure you have the right cover in the right places, where it counts.
We have access to over 170 insurers with who we have spent over a decade negotiating competitive premiums, just for you.
Experience the difference of a brokerage who specializes in your industry and treats your like a valued member rather than a number.
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