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Whether you have invested in a commercial or a hobby farm, a tractor will make your daily routine easier. Investing in a tractor is the best choice, especially choosing the right tractor insurance policy in case of damage or theft. It makes sense to have the right insurance on your side. If something happens, you can turn to your insurance for help.

Know the Risks of Owning a Tractor

Tractors are extremely dangerous, causing hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries every year.
Even if you take precautions by using all available safety features and careful attention to your surroundings, an accident can happen in the blink of an eye, causing injuries, property damage, or even death.

According to Aghealth Australia- the leading research into deaths and injuries on farm, since 2001, 1,651 people have lost their life on a farm due to non-intentional injury in Australia. Tractors and quad bikes are the leading cause of fatalities.

Queensland is over-represented in the 2022 Safer Farms Report with 19 fatalities and 86 injuries. 

What is Tractor Insurance?

Tractor insurance is a cover that helps pay for the repair or replace your tractor if it is damaged or causes damage to other people or their property.
Insuring farm equipment is a unique type of insurance, so it’s best to work with an insurance agent who has experience in the different types of farm insurance, including tractors.

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What Type of Tractor Insurance Do You Need?

Choose the type of cover that’s right for your vehicle:

  • Comprehensive Insurance – covers loss or damage to your own vehicle and your liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property.
  • Fire, Theft and Liability Insurance – protection against fire and theft only to your own vehicle and liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property.
  • Liability Only – covers your liability for damage to other people’s vehicles and property only.

There are various types of tractor and farm motor vehicle insurance tailored to your need and budget. Our specialist will take the time to analyse what you need and come up with the appropriate insurance for you.

How Much Does Tractor Insurance Cost?

It depends on:

  • The city you are operating in
  • The type of tractors you have
  • The level of coverage you consider

So, it entirely depends on the insurance company you are choosing for getting coverage. Farm tractor and motor vehicle insurance coverage in Australia usually includes farm tractor and motor vehicle for any loss/damage, third-party liability property, personal injury loss, and farm tractor breakdown insurance.
It is advisable to compare the costs and benefits offered by different insurance company service providers to find the best match for your specific requirements.

5. Compare Quotes to Find the Best Rates for your Tractor

Choosing the best insurance for your tractor helps you save your budget by protecting your tractor against theft and damage and providing coverage for machinery breakdown and repair costs.

Truck Insurance HQ is one of Australia’s leading plant & machinery insurance specialists, covering all Farm Equipment & Machinery, including tractor insurance.

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