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Truck Insurance HQ are one of Australia’s leading plant & machinery insurance specialist. We cover ALL Farm Equipment & Machinery, including your everyday Tractor.

Truck Insurance HQ have access to the largest range of general and specialist Tractor insurance companies in Australia.
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A tractor is used for towing farm machinery or trailers. It has the necessary power and traction to move loads at a low speed over varying terrains in an efficient manner. Other examples of tractor applications are in road construction where they are used for towing water carts or rollers.

There are different types of farm vehicle and machinery insurance to choose from. It is critical that you choose the right one for your business as that will determine what benefits you get when you file a claim. Because we understand your business we provide policies that are made for people who work the land and can provide flexibility in terms of cover.

Some of the key benefits in obtaining farm vehicle insurance include having a wide choice in vehicle and car hire after theft. You can also be covered for liability for damage to third party vehicles and property.

In the case of farm machinery breakdown, a crop harvest can suffer, but with the right protection, you can be covered for transport to the repairer and for repair costs.

It makes great sense to have the right insurance coverage on your side. You can enjoy peace of mind when assured that even when something bad happens, you can turn to your insurance for help.

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