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Bulldozer Insurance

What type of earthmover equipment do you own? Is it a bulldozer, bobcat, excavator, or front end loader? Any of these earthmovers are exposed to all sorts of risks, like an operator being injured due to reversing incorrectly or tripping over on the unstable ground. In fact, even muddy or wet surfaces could lead to major breakdowns, especially if the operator isn’t highly trained to operate heavy equipment. If you are deeply concerned that one of these days you or your hired operator could be involved in a major catastrophe involving a third party injury, property damage or personal harm, you should think about getting a bulldozer insurance policy.

What are the types of protection coverage you can get in your bulldozer equipment insurance?

Earthmoving insurance is designed for heavy earthmoving machinery and may include the backhoe, bulldozer, excavator, front end loader, drott, grader, scraper, and other heavy vehicles (dump trucks). If your earthmover is among those mentioned, you can get bulldozer insurance. Below are the common types of protection coverage you can include in your insurance policy:

  • Public liability coverage

This type of protection coverage covers all risky elements that your earthmover will face while in use, such as physical injury to the operator or a third party. It can also extend its protection to unauthorized access and liability to sub-contractors. A comprehensive public liability policy may provide protection against property damage to a third party like customers.

  • Personal accident coverage

Another type of protection you can ask an insurer about in a bulldozer insurance policy is personal accident cover, especially if you are a sole trader.

  • Professional risks coverage

This is a special type of protection coverage designed for operators of earthmovers. The protection coverage is mostly focused on management liability and professional indemnity.

How to get a bulldozer insurance quote

Whether you are a sole trader, the owner of various earthmoving vehicles a small business owner with the latest bulldozer model, or a sub-contractor in Australia, you can simply get an earthmover business insurance quote from your local insurer, licensed broker or you can visit an online insurer with direct access to a free insurance quote.

Why hire a licensed insurance broker?

Hiring a licensed insurance broker for your bulldozer insurance policy is one of the best decisions you can make to safeguard your money. This expert will do everything to help you arrive at a wise decision based on your real protection coverage needs and the risks involved while using heavy equipment. Here are some of the professional services that a credible insurance broker would be happy to offer:

  • Professional advice on the ideal protection coverage extended to you, your bulldozer and all the risks you will have to deal while using this earthmoving equipment.

  • Connect you to a list of top-performing local insurers in your area, as well as those who are offering their insurance products online.

  • Prepare the paperwork required to fast track the negotiation process with your chosen insurance company.

  • Get you the best insurance quote based on your preferred budget.

  • Extend support when you no choice but to file a bulldozer insurance claim.

  • Truck Insurance HQ are highly experienced brokers in the earthmoving sector and can help you with all your bulldozer insurance needs. Call us today on 1300 815 344 for your obligation-free quotes or request a quote online.