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Compactor Body HE-Garbage-Compactor


A garbage truck is also known as a compactor body.  It is designed for collection of waste for transport to a waste facility.  With the use of a lifting mechanism, the bins can easily be lifted so that garbage can be tipped into the truck’s body.  Garbage is compacted inside the body using a hydraulically powered moving wall and then transported to a waste facility.


A compactor body is just one of many types of rigid vehicles with a tipper body.  These trucks are very crucial to moving Australia’s economy and making sure that life as we know it remains convenient, efficient and predictable.  Smart truck owners know that operating a truck business is anything but predictable.  Accidents do happen and the road is full of mishaps.


With this in mind, it is crucial for all truck owners to have the right insurance.  With great cover, the business is protected 24/7 from the many risks that trucks face while on the road.  Expenses of all types of legal liabilities can be insurmountable and can definitely sink a business.  With a comprehensive truck insurance policy, you can be sure to be protected from these risks.


Don’t lose money over repairs and lost time.  Ease your worry about property damage, third party liability and other risks you are exposed to.  Get your big rig covered with affordable truck insurance from the most reliable insurance provider in Australia.


Without truck insurance, your business is an accident waiting to happen.  Talk to us at Truck Insurance HQ by phoning 1300 815 344 or go online to request the most amazingly affordable compactor body truck insurance quotes.


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